Precio: $105.900

The new Centaur™ groupset has been conceived and designed with one precise objective: to offer a 10s groupset with the best shifting performance in its class. It was an extremely difficult objective that enhanced the experience of the Campy Tech Lab™ engineers and led to the new Centaur™ 2011.

The profile of the teeth, completely redesigned in line with the Ultra-Drive™ project, makes it possible to achieve the maximum response speed at the moment of shifting.

The synchronisation obtained by establishing a specific position of the teeth between sprocket and sprocket makes the passage from one sprocket to the next very fluid and fast. 

And in order not to lose rigidity, the last two are fitted on an aluminium frame.


Nickel-Chrome surface treatment

Reduces chain/sprocket friction - extends sprocket life

Sprocket synchronization

Sprocket tuning is carefully designed to make shifting faster and more accurate - less chain stress

Ultra-Drive™ teeth design

Optimized upshifting