Tubo de asiento 27.2 x 350. 99grs.

Precio: $244.900


Outstanding performance 
Our seatposts ensure optimum durability, comfort and weight. No other post uses carbon as efficiently as our post. We use a complex sophisticated asymmetrical layer construction which varies with diameter, length, adjustment range and rider weight. Only this development effort and the high precision of manual manufacturing in Germany can ensure the stability, the low weight and the excellent workmanship. 
A quality feature that cannot be underestimated is the excellent comfort of this post that many riders favor, especially on racing bikes and at the hardtail. Ride this bike and know that vibration damping flex and outstanding stability are not at all exclusive of each other. 
You can install seats both with round stays or highly oval carbon seat rails with a wide setting range on our yoke clamp by high-strength aluminum clamping parts, carbon rocker and high-precision black titanium screws. 
The stability of the clamp is designed for overload situations and with rounded yokes and 31 mm seat rest takes load off the seat rails – whatever the shape or material.